Legislative Record


First in the Florida House and now in the Florida Senate, I have aimed to craft and fight for legislation which makes Florida a better place to live, raise a family, run a business and retire.  I have pursued the legislative priorities on which I ran for office by introducing and co-introducing bills banning assault weapons (SB 370), requiring the safe storage of firearms (SB 428) and implementing background checks on ammunition sales (SB 1170); expanding Medicaid (SB 276); fixing our broken unemployment system (SB 592); codifying gay rights (SB 558, SB 632); ensuring the integrity of elections (SB 830); caring for seniors (SB 1256) and retirees (SB 1310); safeguarding our environment (SB 1348, SB 594); protecting access to medical marijuana (SB 692); promoting hurricane preparedness (SB 1362); fighting back against hate crimes (SB 194); growing our economy by attracting new industries to our state (SB 704); cracking down on human trafficking (SB 812, SB 836); making schools safer (SB 1284); and more.  The full list of the legislation I sponsored in the 2021 Legislative Session can be found here.


In the Florida Senate, I sit on five committees: Agriculture, Community Affairs, Education, Ethics & Elections, and Judiciary.  I also sit on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education.

Real Results


Both Palm Beach and Broward Counties produce a great deal of tax revenue for the State of Florida.  Ensuring as much of this revenue as possible is reinvested into our community is a responsibility I take seriously.  During the 2021 Legislative Session, I was successful in securing over $21 million in appropriations directly benefiting District 30.


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